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We're open for online orders, store pick up, and same-day door service. (415) 355-9555.
We're open for online orders, store pick up, and same-day door service. (415) 355-9555.

Sake Day 2012 - TOP 10 Reasons To Go

10) It's a Party

True Sake Seriously - who doesn't like a party?

9) There's a silent auction

So many folks that venture into True Sake ask to buy certain things that we display but do not sell. Our silent auctions at Sake Day are a great way to get exotic sakes, sake brewery items, ancient sake pots, branded masu and many other gems found in our store but are not for sale.

8) Meet Your Makers

Each year we feature new owners of sake breweries (kuramotos) who love pouring their sakes and speaking about them. Just drink or learn a little more about some very special sakes breweries like Rihaku makers of Wandering Poet and Dreamy Clouds, Shirataki makers of Jozen Mizunogotoshi, and a female head brewer "toji" from Fukucho brewery.

7) Location, Location, Location

San Francisco Japantown is such a great location for Sake Day for several reasons. First, there is a common denominator between Japantown and sake - that much is obvious. Secondly, after the event if you are still "going" you can hit many establishments for the "2nd" party to eat and drink later into the night. Third, and for the out of town folks, Japantown has some very cool hotels within a block of two of the party.

6) I See Sake People

In a word, sake people rock! The people who import sake are awesome, the people who distribute sake are great, the people who sell sake are superb, but most importantly the people who enjoy sake are the true cream of the crop. We are so fortunate to have such great people in the sake market, and it's so much fun to meet everybody under one roof each holding one glass!

5) Strike Up The Band

It's an honor to have our favorite Okinawan band back for the 7th time to celebrate the 7th anniversary. If they weren't great they wouldn't be back, but they are a blast, and you will be tappin' those toes as you drink the night away. Okinawan music is addictive and so joyful with so much soul and it's the perfect compliment to the soul of sake.

4) Your Sake Memory Is a Terrible Thing To Waste

True Sake Each Sake Day features an in-depth program that specifically lists each sake at the event. This takes a ton of work, but we feel it is essential for an enjoyable and educational evening. As you go from one station to another tasting over 100 sakes it is so easy to follow your progress in the brochure, and with our special system you can mark which sakes you like better than others. You will not be saying those horrible words, "I can't remember that sake's name!" We promise!

3) Use Your Sake Spider Senses

Sake Day is about drinking and thinking about sake. Always has been and always will be! In this light we will continue our tradition of having Sake Tasting Stations that challenge your sake sensibilities. These fun and truly unique stations act almost like Sake Sommelier tables that help you learn more about sake by drinking sake. In a few seconds you will learn years of sake knowledge, which will expand your sake horizons. We provide a libation with an education and that is what separates Sake Day from other sake tastings.

2) Good Eats!

It wouldn't be Sake Day without the powerfully tasty offerings from Nombe Izakaya. Enjoy the award winning flavors of one of the Bay Areas best food and sake restaurants, as you taste the night away. Sake Day takes pride in offering lots and lots of chow that helps to sop up some of that sake, but we aren't talking about just any old filler - we are talking about amazing dishes that compliment sake on all different levels. Great sake with great food is Grrrrreat!

1) The Value Of A Sake Dollar

Okay folks! Here is the bottom dollar and the bottom line - you can drink as much sake as you want! Not only does Sake Day feature the best sakes outside of Japan, but we do so in a format that allows you to drink as much as you want (responsibly of course). Basically you can drink what a restaurant would charge you easily over $150 for a mere $65. No Kidding! It is that simple - superb sake and as much as you would like. There isn't a sake event that pours as freely, generously, and with such superb sake out there that can rival Sake Day. We are the "original" for a reason. Come be a part of that reason.

For more information:
  • Monday, September 3rd (Labor Day)
  • Saturday, October 6th (Sake Day Event)
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