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Sake Day - October 6th for the 7th Anniversary

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I'm guessing that you like sake. I mean you are reading a sake-centric newsletter. And Lord knows (I think that this is my first "Lord knows" - how was it?) you don't read this rag for the writing. Ha! Or you just opened this baby for the Secret Word - shame on you! Regardless you are reading the 97th issue of the True Sake Newsletter and it gives me the opportunity to remind you about a very special sake occasion.

"Nihonshu no hi" means "the day of sake" in Japan, and it is always on October 1st. It's basically the day that one should think about and celebrate sake, and many brewers use this day to start their brewing schedules for the brewing year. We have been celebrating Nihonshu no hi for 6 years with our party called Sake Day, and yes it's always been on October 1st.

Sadly October 1st this year is on a Monday. After much discussion and going back and forth we decided a Sake Day on a Monday would be goofy, and have decided to hold this year's Sake Day on October 6th - a Saturday, which is far more conducive to a party! The only question remaining is whether or not you will be there?

Sake Day is superb and if you have never attended then this year is a must. Over 100 sakes, great food from the good people at Nombe, the wonderful Okinawan live band, 3 different owners of sake breweries (Rihaku, Shirataki, and Fukucho), 4 educational drinking stations, Guma Prefecture's own sake station, plus much more all taking place in Japantown. (I will usher a special shout-out to those folks who do not live in the Bay Area that it is a good year to hit your first Sake Day and then spend the night in Japantown at one of the many nearby walking distance hotels.)

If it's your first or your seventh make this October 6th a special day - make it a Sake Day!

Tickets on sake at and for more information call the store @ 415.355.9555.

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