September 2012

True Sake Newsletter September 2012

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Dear Sake Drinker,

Welcome to the September Issue of America's sake-centric Newsletter. In this enlightening issue get your first look at Sake Day 2012, read the top ten reasons why you should definitely not miss Sake Day, check out an unrecognized little part of the sake world, determine if sake will help you with your next bout of sickness, learn a little more about a Yamahai sake from Yuki no Bosha by a sake insider in the Sake Spotlight, try a "taru" cedar sake, and see how the reviews at True Sake evolve over time.

  • Monday, September 3rd (Labor Day)
  • Saturday, October 6th (Sake Day Event)
In this issue:
Consider this...

If you ask brewers how much sake they produce, they use a unit called "Koku". They will say, "We make 1000 koku" for example. So, how much is 1 Koku? To answer this, let's start with the smallest unit used to measure the volume of sake: 1 Shaku (18ml/~0.6 oz). 1 Shaku x 10 = 1 Gou (180ml/~6 oz.); 1 Gou x 10 = 1 Shou (1800ml--a.k.a the magnum size bottle/~60 oz.); 1 Sho x 10 = 1 To (18L/~600 oz.-imagine 2 cases of wine); 1 To x 10 = 1 Koku (180L/~6,000 oz-imagine 20 cases of wine). Ok, if you hear a brewery producing 1000 koku, you can imagine 20,000 cases (12bottle/case) of sake!

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