January 2013

True Magic - A Sake That Has No Equals

Posted by Beau Timken in 2013, January, Newsletter
True Sake If you are lucky! Every once in a long while somebody will spring a sake on you that defies all of your sake logic and experiences. That happened to me at a superb koshu or aged sake tasting in NYC last month. (See Above)

Kazu Yamazaki from Japan Prestige Sake Association poured the remains of a bottle that he had been saving for me for ages. And I truly have never tasted nor experienced a brew such as that.

True Sake The Sake: Chiyonokome "Ginga Tetsudou" or Milkyway Train. It was a Junmai Daiginjo Nama Koshu that was aged raw for 10 years and is meant to be served semi-frozen. Yup! Kazu said that it was actually 15 years old and that last sip was damn valuable! It was milled to 40% and was SMV: +7 but didn't drink sweet.

The back label recommended to freeze the nama koshu sake. Then take out of the freezer before serving and let the ice half melt. Next you shake to crack the ice and pour the fluid and ice chips down a pair of chopsticks into your glass. My glass was filled with frozen chips of sake that smelled exactly like almonds. The taste was out of this world, and it totally matched the nose. Almonds almonds almonds. It almost drank like an almond liquor. Flabbergasted is an understatement as I sat there and tried to process what I was drinking! A damn fine sake with a killer bottle and label. One of "those" powerful sake moments that I will never forget! If you ever have the chance to ride the Milkyway Train I say buy your ticket ASAP.

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