March 2013

Sake Events - Cowboy-Meets-Fisherman & Limited Nama Tastings

Posted by Beau Timken in 2013, March, Newsletter, Sake Tastings
True Sake Limited Namazake Tasting

Please join us in tasting two very limited unpasteurized sake from Joto Sake. We are very lucky to have these sakes.

When: Friday 3/22 from 5-7pm

Where: True Sake 560 Hayes St. SF
What: Wataribune Junmai Ginjo Nama & Seikyo Junmai Ginjo Nama

How Much: $1

Bonus: 10% off of your purchase of sampled sake

"Cowboy-Meets-Fisherman" Sake TastingHopefully your read about Cowboy Yamahai from Shiokawa Brewery in 2011 August newsletter. This time the brewery is introducing a slight lower alcohol version, called Cowboy Yamahai "Tender", as well as new product called Fisherman Sokujo.

When: Friday 3/29 from 5-7pm, Saturday 3/30, 1-5 pm & Sunday 3/31, 1-5 pm

Where: True Sake 560 Hayes St. SF

What: 3 sakes (two are not available in the U.S. yet)

How Much: $1

Bonus: 10% off of your purchase of Cowboy Yamahai Junmai Ginjo
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