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We're open for online orders, store pick up, and same-day door service. (415) 355-9555.

Sake Talk - To FB Or Not To FB?

True Sake True Sake
I am sure that after so many years most of you have come to the conclusion that I do not FaceBook. Never have and have always said that I never will. But never say never right? The True Sake FB page has always been driven by the team. I have never added a thing, because I placed most of my focus on the newsletter. Plus who would want my crazy ramblings about sake on FB? Apparently a lot of you, as I receive many requests to do so.

After over 100 issues of this Newsletter I am a little burnt out to say the least. I greatly enjoy it, but there are times when I refer to the Newsletter as "that god damn newsletter" when I am working on it. "I've got to go work on the god damn newsletter!" But when it's done I never refer to it as that. It's just the doing that is the arduous part. So what does this all mean?

I pretty much taste sake every night. I take notes, write reviews, take pics, and explore so many sakes that you never know about. One night when I was tasting a unique sake from Hiroshima a friend said you should be video blogging that, people would eat that up! I was immediately reminded of that video blog I did for the Wine Library in New Jersey with the super crazy guy Gary Vaynerchuk. If you never saw it take a look! It's pretty funny!

The Sake Education Show »

The bottom line is that it is time to freshen up my "social media" skills, and I am looking for the right way to get my sake craziness out there in an edu-entertaining format. Is it a video blog? Should I do weekly video sake tasting of brews that we carry at the store? Should I do FaceBook postings for all my nightly tastings? Should I do Twitter? Somebody recommended a blog via the True Sake website that is attached to FaceBook. Should we re-tool the newsletter? Should we re-tool the website. I would be open to any opinions on this subject, and if you are in a position to help with this endeavor let us know.
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