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We're open for online orders, store pick up, and same-day door service. (415) 355-9555.

Sake Departure - Losing Lynette

True Sake This is a happy sad situation. True Sake is losing one of the stalwarts who made True Sake what it has become today. Lynette has spread her wings and after a lot of "Schoooolin" has taken a full time job with the SPCA - our loss their gain!

It seems like yesterday that Lynette came to the store answering a Craig's list add - the only one we ever did. And in walked a blue hair (streaked) hipster with a Japanese last name! How is your Japanese I asked? Ummmmm. Not good was her reply! The ad said you must be able to read and speak Japanese. But we gave her a try! Thankfully so! Over the years the running joke in the store was that so many customers thought Lynette was our daughter (Miwa and I). We all didn't know how to take that!! No - Miwa is not my wife. No Lynette is not my daughter! There have been plenty of "Oh my! I'm so sorry!" comments over the years.

But in a sense she was/is like a daughter as we have been fortunate enough to watch the blue-haired hipster transition into the soon to be married woman! Thank you Lynette from all of us at TS. We shall miss the smiles and the smiling personality. I will miss you picking on me - in a fun way! And I'm very certain the customers will miss your professionalism and kindness. I trust that you enjoyed your "Going Away" party! And I look forward to those days when you can fill in at True Sake when we are in a bind! (See - she is not gone GONE! She will always be a part of the True Sake Family.)

Lastly, Lynette asked if she could write a farewell for the newsletter! I was shocked, but I'll let her tell you that!

From Lynette:

"Ever since I started working at True Sake Beau has been trying to get me to write for the newsletter. Of course, I always said no. Writing was never my forte. But as some of you loyal customers may have noticed, I've been a little absent from the store lately, and I wanted to officially announce that I am indeed leaving True Sake. I'm now working full time as a Registered Veterinary Technician at the San Francisco SPCA hospital. And as much as I am totally in love with my new career, I am also sad. :-( I will miss True Sake, the brewers, the vendors, the delivery guys, and all the lovely, smiling faces that walk into the store every day (and even some of the not so smiley ones). Over the last 7 years I've met a lot of people and made some good friends. We've exchanged everything from sake stories to relationship advice and it really made my days fun. Miwa, Beau, Takami, and Keiko (aww miss you Keiko!) have always been so accommodating when it came to working around my school schedule and it is something that I am suuuper grateful for. Without their understanding, I would never have been able to explore my career options and I would not be where I am now. Thanks for taking a chance hiring that blue-haired girl with no sake experience who didn't speak Japanese! We joke, but it's kind of true, Miwa and Beau will always be my sake parents.

But now I must move on. The last six months have been full of change. I graduated from tech school, passed the boards, was hired at the hospital, adopted the best dog ever, and just last month my best friend asked me to marry him and I said yes. Hopefully, I will be asked to come back to the store and work every now and then. Maybe you'll see me there sometime, behind the counter or as a customer. Or maybe you will see me at the SPCA taking care of your pet. I've already crossed paths with a few of you there! Thanks for sharing your stories, your experiences, and your friendship. Until next time...Kanpai! "

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