April 2013

Sake Tomfoolery - Why We Didn't Fool You on April 1st

Posted by Beau Timken in 2013, April, Newsletter

Okay - since I received so many emails asking me why I didn't pull one of my most excellent (not!) April Fools Day jokes on the first I must let the cat out of the bag. Drum roll please. The reason I didn't joke you into tears of laughter is that my team at True Sake has to clean up the mess for my efforts at a cheap laugh.

Ronald McDonald It's true. Some of my April Fools tricks have been taken as gospel. How do you explain to an owner of sake brewery that I invented a new portable "Sake Bomb" making machine for stadiums? How do you explain to the Japanese Brewers Association's President that Harpo Industries of Oprah Winfrey fame did not actually buy True Sake with an expansion plan of huge scope? How do you convince a Japanese sake importer that Starbucks did not enter into an agreement to put sake kiosks in many of their locations? Quite frankly the Japanese do not get April Fools day and when after a long and drawn out explanation as to why I pulled the prank they simply ask "Why?"

Oddly several of my jokes have come to fruition as now Sho Chicku Bai from Berkeley is selling both hot and cold sake at baseball games at AT&T Park. (Please see the article below) And one spa group is considering doing an entire line of sake themed spas. Perhaps the joke is on me for joking and not acting on these brilliant (quote unquote) ideas.

Perhaps my favorite April Fools piece was the Sake Challenge that I did at a McDonalds. I received a ton of emails asking if I really snuck sake into a McDee's to pair sake with Filet O' Fish and other fried delicacies. That totally made me laugh. And perhaps that's why I did it! But again blame it on the mess. In this regard I put warning after warning in issues that it is "APRIL 1st" and "Read with Caution" etc but folks still didn't get it.

Here are a couple of special issues of the April Fools Issue to chew on:


The McDonalds Sake Challenge


The True Sake Spa 

This was my April Fool's Joke in 2005:

Well this may come as a shock but I wanted to inform all of my readers and customers of True Sake that as of the end of April we will no longer sell sake, rather we will start to sell Shochu only. As Shochu has become so very popular in Japan and here in the US we felt that we should jump on this trend. In this regard we will be liquidating our vast inventory of over 150 brands of sake and replacing them with delicious Shochu. We will also be changing our name to True Shochu. So for the month of April please visit the store and take advantage of our "Buy One Get Five Free Bottles Of Sake" deal. And lastly Happy April Fools Day!

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