June 2013

Sake Delivery – Hey Bay Area Why Get a Parking Ticket?

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Sake Delivery – Hey Bay Area Why Get a Parking Ticket? 

True SakeHow sick are you of the parking police in SF? How tired are you of trying to beat your meter and not get a ticket? We see it every day as customers race into the store in a panic and say, “Quick I need some sake, but don’t want my meter to run out.” The DPT in SF is so bad for small business. PERIOD. We know a very large portion of our customer base will not stop at the store if they cannot find a parking spot on the first pass by, and that an even larger portion of customers don’t even come to Hayes Valley for fear of the $68 ticket for an expired meter. 

Talk about bad for business. Add to that the fact that they have now jacked up the price for parking – 4 minutes for 25 cents – and it is no wonder many of you are not getting your regular fix of something that you love. To remedy this we are offering two “methods” to beat the dreaded D.P.T ( You know those kind people who hide behind the slogan “Good people – Hard Job” and look down on you as they make you beg to not give them a ticket). 

Method number one is our store policy to double-park out in front of True Sake. We totally encourage you to drive right up to the store, double-park, put your emergency lights on, open your trunk, then come in and casually shop! We will watch your car and in the very unlikely event that you get a double-parking ticket we will pay for it! That’s right! We will pay your ticket, but in all the years that we have done this not a single person has received a ticket. 

True SakeMethod number two is a new delivery service that we will be trying out in July. Why ship sake to you Bay Area peeps using UPS? Why not have a delivery service that will bring sake right to your door at home or at work. Why pay for insulated packaging for shipping when we can put sake in our fancy bags or simply use regular sake carrying cases? Why get the $68 expired meter ticket when you can have True Sake come to you? 

We are in discussions with several courier services and will select the best value service for your benefit. Just think about it, no more looking for parking, no more running in a sprint down the sidewalk as one of those stupid little DPT carts with the helmeted loser in it writes you up a ticket, no more begging and pleading, and lastly no more opening your check book to the city and county of SF. 

So relax in your slacks and no longer get your mango in a tango trying to beat the DPT. Let True Sake deliver sake to you for all those sake occasions from parties to intimate evenings. We can deliver Sake 101 tasting packages, mixed cases, vertical tastings, Sake vs. Food Pairing Challenges, amongst others. Just think about it! You are going out to your favorite sushi restaurant which has a so-so sake menu and in comes your sake delivery from True Sake to make your meal all the more fantastic. 

We will start “delivering” in Mid-July as we are still negotiating with several services.

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