June 2013

Sake Judging – Results of the IWC and What Winners We Carry!

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True Sake I wrote a great deal about the International Wine Challenge ’13 from London in the last Newsletter. (If you want to know about the inner workings of the actual judging check out the article.) May 2013 Newsletter

Suffice it to say it so weird flying home not knowing a single sake that I tasted for two days. It’s even weirder when my brewery friends email and call me and ask “Did you taste my sake?” Ummmmm did you enter your sakes? Oh! Then yes I tasted them. “How did the score?” I don’t know! It’s a very blind tasting! Very! So when they release the results it is extremely exciting for me – and them!

True Sake So check out the IWC site – click the “sake” tab – then click the “Medal” tab and you can select each of the categories to see who won a Trophy, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Commended.

So what does this list mean to you? Not much unless you can actually buy some of the sakes. Well, thanks to Takami you can! She typed up the sakes that True Sake carries and has access to that received medals and commendations. She also typed up a list for sake breweries that we represent that received medals. (Meaning we wanted you to see first hand which breweries we carry that medaled!)

Herewith is the list of IWC medal and commended sakes that True Sake sells for your drinking pleasure:

IWC Medal Winners:

Junmai Category
  • Silver – Hiraizumi Yamahai Junmai (Hiraizumi Honpo)
  • Silver – Ohyama Tokubetsu Junmai Tomizu (Kato Kahachiro Shuzo)
  • Silver – Yuki no Bosha Yamahai Junmai (Saiya Shuzoten)

  • Commended – Kamikokoro Tokagen (Kamikokoro Shuzo)
  • Commended – Shusen Honjikomi “Three Dots” (Kamoizumi Shuzo)
  • Commended – Organic Junmai “Akira” (Nakamura Shuzo)
  • Commended – Wakatake Onikoroshi Junmai “Demon Slayer” (Ohmuraya Shuzojo)
  • Commended – Tengumai Yamahai Junmai “Dance of the Demon” (Shata Shuzo)
  • Commended – Ura Gasanryu “Fuka” Junmai (Shindo Shuzoten)
  • Commended – Shichida Junmai (Tenzan Shuzo)
  • Commended – Niwa no Uguisu “Daruma” Tokubetsu Junmai (Yamaguchi Suzojo)
  • Commended – Tedorigawa Yamahai Junmai (Yoshida Shuzoten)

Junmai Ginjo/ Junmai Diginjo Category
    • Gold – Dassai 23 Junmai Daiginjo (Asahi Shuzo)

    • Silver – Dassai 39 Junmai Daiginjo (Asahi Shuzo)
    • Silver – Born “Yume wa Masayume (Dreams Come True)” (Kato Kichibei Shoten)
    • Silver – Gasanryu “Gokugetsu” Junmai Daiginjo (Shindo Shuzoten)
    • Siver – Katafune Junmai Ginjo (Takeda Shuzoten)

    • Bronze – Masumi “Nanago” (Miyasaka Jozo)
    • Bronze – Yuki no Bosha Junmai Ginjo (Saiya Shuzoten)

  • Commended – Hakutsuru “Sho-un” Junmai Daiginjo
  • Commended – Wataribune Junmai Daiginjo (H(F)uchuhomare)
  • Commended – Denshin “Rin” Junmai Daiginjo (Ippongi Kubo Honten)
  • Commended – Born “Nihon no Tsubasa (Wing of Japan)” Junmai Daiginjo (Kato Kichibei Shoten)
  • Commended – Taiheizan Tenko Junmai Daiginjo (Kodama Jozo)
  • Commended – Maboroshi Kurobako (Nakao Jozo)
  • Commended – Wakatake Onikoroshi “Demon Slayer” Junmai Daiginjo
  • Commended – Chokaisan Junmai Daiginjo (Tenju Shuzo)

Honjozo Category

    • Bronze – Karatanba (Ozeki)

  • Commended – Genshu Urakasumi (Saura)

Ginjo/ Daiginjo Category
    • Silver – Gasanryu “Kisaragi” Diginjo (Shindo Shuzoten)

    • Bronze – Masumi “Yumedono” Daiginjo (Miyasaka Jozo)

  • Commended – Kirinzan “Kagayaki” Daiginjo (Kirinzan Shuzo)
  • Commended – Osakaya Chobei Daiginjo (Ozeki)

Koshu (Aged Sake) Category

  • Gold – Hanahato Kijoshu 8 years aged (Enoki Shuzo)

Medal Winning Breweries: (Represented at True Sake)

And this is a list of breweries that won medals at the IWC:

Dewazakura Shuzo (Mt. Cherry Daiginjo, Sakura Boy Daiginjo, Dewasansan Junmai Ginjo, Oka Ginjo, & Izumi Judan Ginjo), Kurosawa Shuzo (Kurosawa Nigori), Choryu Shuzo (Yoshino no Taruzake & Sawa Sawa Sparkling), Ichi no Kura (Ichi no Kura “Taru”, Suzune Sparkling), Ichishima Shuzo (Karen Coi), Sakai Shuzo (Gokyo Junmai, Tanuki Junmai, & Nene Sparkling), Uchigasaki Shuzoten (Hoyo Kura no Hana Junmai Daiginjo), Akita Seishu (Kariho Namahage Junmai & Kariho Rokushu Junmai Ginjo), Chiyomusubi Shuzo (Kitaro & Oyaji Junmai Ginjo One Cup), Imanishi Seibei Shoten (Harushika Seasonal Namas & Junmai Ginjo Nama Genshu), Takenotsuyu Goushi Gaisha (Takenotsuyu Junmai & Hakuro Shuishu Junmai Ginjo), Daishichi Suzo (Minowamon Junmai Daiginjo Kimoto), Tamanohikari Shuzo (Tamanohikari Junmai Daiginjo), Tatsuumahonke Shuzo (Kuromatsu Hakushika Junmai Ginjo 900ml Pack), Kamotsuru Shuzo (Kamotsuru Arabashiri Muroka Nama Genshu, Kamotsuru Daiginjo), and Rokka Shuzo (“Aluminum-Can Joppari” Honjozo.

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