June 2013

True Sake “Upgrade” – True Sake Is Getting With The Times!

Posted by Beau Timken in 2013, June, News, Newsletter

True SakeI’ll begin this update to you loyal and remarkable readers with a quote from the gentleman who is helping me re-do the website and True Sake social media effort. 

“Beau – you are a chapter writer in a paragraph and sentence world” 

Oh my! Talk about cutting to the quick. That one sentence epitomizes my 9 years of True Sake Newsletters. Yes – I have heard many of you over the years: “Beau the newsletter is too long” “Beau can’t you shorten the newsletter?” “Beau I never read the whole newsletter, I just scroll down to the Secret Word” And so on and so on! But on the flip side I do have lots of people who say that they love the length and scope of the Newsletter, “Don’t change a thing!” I am often told that since it is a monthly Newsletter readers “cherish” its arrival in the in-box. 

True SakeSo in the next few weeks get ready for some Face Book activity (I’ve never once FB’ed so this is a fresh new start for us), some Twitter activity (I did a couple way back when but just a few), a new clean and sublime website, and last but not least a new ecommerce engine so you good people don’t have to call the store at weird hours anymore. Exciting? You bet! That said, the True Sake Newsletter will not go away, we will still send out the Newsletter once a month like always but it will morph and combine with a blog on the website! Exciting! 

I am really looking forward to sharing some instantaneous sake stories and information with you and most importantly I look forward to entertaining you about a subject that entertains the heck out of me!

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