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Ask Beau - "Why do my friends always say they love sake but never buy it outside of a sushi restaurant? "

True Sake Oh My God! Tyler R from Palo Alto when you figure this one out please give me a call ASAP!

There is an incredible “Sake only goes with sushi” mindset out there and I have been doing battle with it for over a decade. I, like you see that sake goes so well with other cuisines and other drinking/eating situations, but the masses just don’t make that leap. For example when I go to a party I always take a bottle of sake and it is the first “thing” opened, the first thing talked about, and the first thing polished off. It makes me laugh to see the upside down empty bottle of sake nestled in the huge wine bucket with 7 or 8 bottles of unopened wine.

People seem to forget that they really like sake. Sushi reminds them! But shouldn’t they just get over the hump and consider sake a partner in their libation portfolio? Why is sake typecast as just a sushi accompaniment? Another good example is the summer barbeque season. Sake goes so swell with most items off the grill from seafood and meats to game and vegetables, but people forget!

Sake is also so much less filling than beer. Suck down three brewskis and you’re feeling like the Goodyear blimp, good luck trying to eat that burger with all of that action already in your tummy! What about wine? I don’t need to remind you of the acidity issues that a couple glasses of white wine can do to your party pulse. And to many I do not need to remind you of the histamine issue that a couple glasses of red wine does to your party face and sinuses. Sake has 1/3 the acidity of wine and is a lot lower in histamines.

So Tyler, please keep preaching the gospel of sake – say it loud and say it proud! And maybe one day you and I will attend the same barbeque and the hosts will have ice buckets filled with sake bottles and we can high-five each other all night!

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