July 2013

Sake Reminders – It’s Sparking Sake Season!

Posted by Beau Timken in 2013, July, Newsletter
True Sake It’s hot! Summer is in full swing. The fireworks are in the book but there is still a lot of sizzle in the air. And nothing makes a day and evening more refreshing then sake! But not just any sake – sparkling sake!

Did you know that sparkling sake is the fastest growing product segment at True Sake? In a word – the stuff moves. People love it, and if you think by “people” I mean women you are dead wrong. Everybody loves sakes that jump out of the bottle! They are bright, refreshing and extremely flavorful. And we recommend that you drink sparkling sake out of a Champagne flute to fully capture all of the wonderful bubbles.

At the moment we have 11 different sparkling sakes to try. Some are carbonated – some have hana or flower yeasts – some are secondary bottle fermented – and they are all extremely well package. And the good or bad news is that they are all 300ml. Why? It’s tough to twist a cap back on a bottle of sparkling sake and retain the bubbles the next day or the day after. (One brewer actually uses a pull-tab that “forces” you to finish the bottle) The bubbles are where it’s at!

If you are wary of the bubble show, please allow me to confirm the fact that sparking sakes are not the Bartles & James of the wine-cooler world. They are very unique, but a great representation of how wonderful rice and water can taste. If you are dubious then be so! If you are “enlightened” then show your friends the way of sparkling sake. The next event that calls for sparkling wine actually calls for sparkling sake.

  • Chikurin Hou Hou Shu Hana “Bubble Bubble Flower Sake”
  • Ozeki Hana-Awaka “Sparkling Flower”
  • Choryo Sawa Sawa
  • Ichinokura Suzune
  • Suehiro Poochi Poochi “Sound of Bubbles Popping”
  • Chikurin Hou Hou Shu “Bubble Bubble Sake”
  • Harushika Tokimeki “Palpation of Sake”
  • Gokyo Ne Ne
  • Rokkasen Hitotoki
  • Dassai 50 Sparkling “Otter Festival”
  • Ozeki Momo Sparkling “Peach Bubbles”

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