July 2013

True Sake – True Sake Website 2.0

Posted by Beau Timken in 2013, July, Newsletter
True Sake Change is indeed good! But change can also be a little slow. As mentioned in previous newsletters the True Sake website is undergoing a very large change that will keep the style and uniqueness intact but will also bring the site up to “modern days” via a new ecommerce purchasing platform. Yes, after all of these years you will soon be able to order on-line! Exciting stuff!!

We will also be changing the shape and configuration of the True Sake Newsletter to one that makes it easier for you to act upon the many articles written about specific sakes to allow you the ability to click and order. The Newsletter will still go out monthly but it will now be shaped in a very very modern term called a “Blog.” Yes a “Blog.” I know that this is mind-blowing stuff, but it’s very important for sake to be on the cutting edge of technology and this new “Blog” thing is the absolute latest and greatest vehicle for instantaneous information aggregation and dissemination. So do not be afraid of the “Blog” – I know when I first heard about a “Blog” I thought they said “Blob” and I started to run to get away. It’s very scary stuff, but I have conquered my fear of the “Blog” and you will too!

True Sake The roll out will begin in the next few weeks and per usual we want your feedback! This upgrade is for you guys, so please be a very special part of our next decade of selling sake. You have been there all along. You are a sake fan and supporter. Please use your sake senses to help us make a better product. And again – thank you from the bottom of our hearts we greatly appreciate you and all that you have done for True Sake. Thank you for reading!

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