August 2013

New Store Arrivals – Denshin

Posted by Beau Timken in 2013, August, New Store Arrivals, Newsletter
Denshin Natsu "Summer" Daiginjo Nama

True Sake From Fukui Prefecture. Nama Daiginjo.
SMV: +2 Acidity: 1.4

The nose on this summer released "raw" seasonal Daiginjo sake is a mild collection of citrus, peach, grape and floral elements. This is a classic "feel good" sake that sits so well in the palate. Fat, fun, chewy and luscious - look for a juicy and fleshy brew that is smooth and very balanced. There are hints of pear, peach, yellow apple and melon floating on the plump fluid. It has an incredibly quick finish for so much upfront feeling. A mid-sized glass brings out more feeling and flavor and a larger glass thins the brew out. Fun in the sun! WORD: Velvety WINE: Fat reds/Chewy whites BEER: Plump Belgians FOODS: Bright summer fare from the grill and garden. $48/720ml


Ozeki Hana-Fuga Sparkling Junmai

True Sake From Hyogo Prefecture. Sparkling Sake.
SMV: -70 Acidity: N/A

This carbonated sparkling sake has a splendid nose filled with peach, peach and more peach tones. Why? Because it is a sparkling peach sake that is loaded with bright peach flavors on a very nice bubble ride. At 7% alcohol it is refreshing and has a gentle sweetness that pops with each bubble on the palate. Definitely try this sake out of a champagne flute to maximize the fun bubble explosion and always serve this peachy brew chilled. WORD: Peachy WINE: Sparkling wines BEER: Fruity Ale FOODS: Champagne cuisine. $7/250ml   

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