August 2013

Sake Lists - Top Ten Sakes That You Have Yet To Try

Posted by Beau Timken in 2013, August, Newsletter
True Sake You are not dead. Not exactly yet! But depending how close you are to Senior Grim Reaper’s scythe and as a devoted sake student here is a list of ten sakes that you should try before you die. (Please don’t die – that’s so selfish!)

10) Aramasa Rokugo “Famous #6”
  • This Junmai celebrates the famous number six brewing yeast and is a wonderfully different tasting sake that is quite unique in feeling and flavor.

09) Tengumai “Dance of the Demon”
  • This Yamahai Junmai is one of the only “monster” Yamahai sakes exported to the States today. Other Yamahais have calmed down, not this massive brew.

08) Fukucho “Moon on the Water”
  • The sake industry is still heavily swayed toward men, but not this brewery which is owned by a great female sake soul.

07) Urakasumi “Zen”
  • This Junmai Ginjo was made especially to travel to France with a monk who was teaching Buddhist ways to the French. The brewery made a sake to appeal to the grape masses.

06) Kamoizumi “Three Dots”
  • This Junmai Ginjo is a perfect reminder that the wine term “Forest Floor” exists in the sake world as this brew is loaded with flavors from mushrooms to dark honey.

05) Kouro “Famous #9”
  • This sake celebrates one of the most celebrated yeasts in the sake world, the famous #9 which you love in most of your Daiginjo sakes.

04) Tamagawa Kinsho “Gold Medal”
  • There is a lot of white rice in the sake making industry, but not a lot of white makers. This brew is made by Philip Harper (U.K.) in Kyoto – my hero!

03) Masumi Nanago “Famous #7”
  • This Yamahai Daiginjo from the famous Masumi brewery in Nagano puts the “Famous” in the celebration of the famous yeast #7.

02) Born Muroka Nama Genshu
  • This sake is so darn hard to describe and for very good reason. First it’s incredibly complex for a nama Daiginjo that has not been charcoal filtered. Secondly it is incredibly complex. Get it?

01) Hanahato Kijoshu “Gorgeous Bird”
  • This aged dessert sake is a must for those who want to see the boundaries of sake, as it is a wonderful expression of rice and water to the nth degree!

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