October 2017

Beau-Zone Layer

Ippongi Hannya “Hot Devil”
From Fukui Prefecture. Ume Shu. SMV: N/A Acidity: N/A

Beau Zone September 2017 A

In honor of Halloween I have selected one of the most crazy “sake” in the store. Is it scary? You bet! Is it unusual? For sure. What the heck is it? Behold an Ume-shu or plum sake. Yup! This is a sake that is made like regular Junmai sake but at the end of the brewing cycle they add ume or plum “essences” to it. Most Ume-shu is made with a spirit called Shochu, but this brew is made with sake and that’s why we like it. But wait! There’s more! Really? You bet. Not only is this a plum sake, but it is also spicy! Forget it! Yes! Deal with it! This Hot Devil is a wonderful blend of sweet and sour AND spicy! A totally unique and refreshing drinking experience. Great served chilled by itself. Great with an ice cube. And as the owner said to me, “It’s awesome in a small glass of milk with an ice cube.” No way! Way! I’ve tried it and liked it! This is a great “sake” to play around with, so enjoy your Hot Devil.


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