January 2018

Beau-Zone Layer - Stella

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Beau Zone January 2018 A

From Ibaraki Prefecture. Muroka Junmai Daiginjo Genshu. 
SMV: +1 Acidity: 1.3


I know I know! Stella? Really? There’s a beer called Stella, there’s a movie about a woman who got her groove back, but a sake? Really? Yes! deal with it. I did and I’m very pleased that I did. This special sake was given to us to try. We had very little info on it, and I had never heard of the brewery. But a good sake does what a good sake does and it did all of the talking. Who needs info when a sake drinks fantastic. It sold itself. Talk about a fun sake! This brew is round, smooth, and semi-sweet with an upfront fruit explosion followed by a great quick finish. How did they do that? So much flavor, but still so balanced and juicy. Another one of those sakes that is made with rice and water, but is loaded with fruit tones, and makes you scratch your head why? Add to that the fact that it is “muroka” which means not charcoal filtered, and a “genshu” which means it’s undiluted and has a higher alcohol content you’re exploring a sake that is superb on so many levels. Give Stella a try. You will not be disappointed! One of my favorite sakes in 2018!


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