November 2017

Beau-Zone Layer - Takenotsuyu “Brewing Water”

Beau Zone November 2017 A


Takenotsuyu “Brewing Water”
From Yamagata Prefecture. Mineral Water

Ha! This is NOT sake! But it is the foundation for some of the best sake made in Japan. The Takenotsuyu Brewery in Yamagata Prefecture is blessed with amazing spring water that comes up from under the property and is so good and abundant that the owners share the water with the townspeople. They can literally go to the brewery and fill up their jugs as much as they want. And wait! It was and is so good that everybody said that they should sell their water! This is not an easy process as the government must approve of a special area that is sanitized and encapsulated in a glass box. Well the owners decided to go for it and voila! Here is the best tasting water that will ever pass your lips! You don’t think so? Then give it a try! The owner says that the water has special “healing properties” that are almost magical. And I recommend that if you drink Takenotsuyu sake then you should drink that water as you taste the sake to see if you can pull the flavor of the water out of the brew. If you cannot go to a brewery to taste their water then let that water come to you!


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