January 2018

New Store Arrivals – Kubota Nama, Denshi Fuyu, Fukucho Sparkling

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New Store Arrivals – Kubota Nama, Denshi Fuyu, Fukucho Sparkling A

Kubota Suijyu “Summer Nama”
From Niigata Prefecture. Nama Daiginjo.
SMV: +4 Acidity: 0.9
The nose on this sake made for summer release is a splendid collection of cherry, melon, berry, and bright rice aromas. First of all this is nama Daiginjo and there aren’t too many of those out there. Secondly, it’s from a brewery that is known for making great prototypical Niigata Daiginjo sakes that are light and dry. This Kubota brew is no exception as it drinks clean, round, soft and very balanced. There is a fruit forward presence but this does not mean sweet, and the finish is very quick and gone. There are hints of melon, cherry, pear, and crisp apple on a silky flow that promotes more fruitiness as the fluid warms. A white wine glass brings out more smoothness and balance. WORD: Elegant WINE: Fruity reds/ Tight whites BEER: Crisp Ales FOODS: Take To A Sushi Bar $60/720ml 


Denshin Fuyu "Winter"
From Fukkui Prefecture. Nama Shiboritate Honjozo.
SMV: N/A Acidity:N/A
The nose on this seasonally released sake (look for the snowman on the bottle) is a fat collection of meaty, veggie, onion, soup, and yeasty aromas. Talk about a fat, fun, and velvety sake. This “snowman” is viscous, plump, and smooth with lots of rich and round dried fruit flavors. Big and beefy it says hello to your palate with a solid and rich smoothness. Not dry and not fruity it just sits ricey, rich, gooey, and very fleshy. It is smooth with hints of raisins, dried fruit, cooked pear, and sweet rice licks. Seasonally smooth this unpasteurized sake has a very plump alcohol level (18%), but you taste more of the fat action than the booze. So velvety and so Frosty! WORD: Smooth WINE: Soft Reds/Thick whites BEER: Belgian ales FOODS:Salty and savory pub fare with burgers and fried food with spice. $31/720ml $62/1.8L 


Fukucho "Seaside"
From Hiroshima Prefecture. Sparkling Junmai.
SMV: -40 Acidity: +6.0
The nose on this secondary bottle fermented (not carbonated) sparkling brew is a tight collection of yogurt, cream, yeast, citrus, and Lemonhead Candy aromas. Talk about a fun, bright, and very Brut-like sparkling sake that was made specifically for all things that come from the sea like oysters, shellfish, and the other goodies. So by definition it needs to be crisp, tight and dry and that is exactly what the female master brewer made, except she went a step further and used a white koji (mold) to bring out a citrus pop! It drinks brighter and fruitier in a Champagne flute with tight bubbles and a great citrus tingle. Look for pear and crisp apple hints with a clean and compact crisp finish. WORD:Crisp WINE: Brut Sparkling Wines BEER: Crisp ales FOODS:Champagne fare and all seafood. $33/500ml 


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