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Greetings Sake Nerds,


The month of May is a special one! Our founder, Beau Timken is out in the far reaches of Yamagata Prefecture playing the role as Co-Chairman and judging sake for the illustrious International Wine Challenge! Here is a glimpse of some of the interesting experiences of an international sake judge and what it really takes to assess 450-1200+ sakes in a very short period of time! 

Here is a great article about what it takes to be a sake judge and Beau-san's promotion to Co-Chairman! Sake Moments - International Wine Challenge 2017 (IWC) (May 2017)


It's always exciting when the results are in! Here is a complete lineup of the medal winners for 2017: Sake Moments - The Results of IWC 2017 & How You Can Taste the Medals (June 2017)


I love reminiscing about 2016 which was the 10th anniversary of Sake at the IWC! All the judging & festivities were held in Japan. The IWC crew was in the middle of a media frenzy and featured on the news nightly!

Sake Archives May 2018 B

Sake Competitions - The Tenth Anniversary of Sake at the IWC (May 2016) 


Lastly, here is a look at the beginnings of Beau's judging career which coincides with sake growth in the IWC!

Sake Judging -The International Wine Challenge London 2013 (May 2013) 

Sake Efforts - The International Wine Challenge Judges 468 Sakes! (May 2011) 

Sake Relevance - BT Does the IWC in the UK (May 2008) 

Be sure to stay tuned to next month's newsletter where the IWC award winners will be revealed!​ 


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