January 2018

Sake Dates – Valentine’s Day Is A Great Day For Love & Sake

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This is just a little calendar reminder that Valentine’s Day is near at hand. Don’t go the usual route of taking each other out for dinner. Been there done that! Why not avoid all of those rookies out there and have a dinner at home featuring what? You guessed it – sake!

Herewith is a small list of potential sakes that you can make a special evening all around. Some are for food, but all are for fun!

Sake Dates – Valentine’s Day Is A Great Day For Love & Sake A

Sparkling Sake: 
Take your pick! We have about ten fantastic sparkling brews that work just like Champagne without the next day hangover. Use your sparkling wine flutes and let the bubble magic begin.


Dassai “Centrifuge”: 
This special holiday nama (Unpasteurized) is a work of art and one of the most sought after sakes in Japan. Dassai makes superb and very well known sakes, but this is their fresh cut above. If you like 23-39-50 then you must try this limited release and blow your Valentine’s date away!


Amabuki Nama “Strawberry”: 
For reals! This unpasteurized sake is made using the yeast of strawberries. No way? Way! This brewery is known for using flower kobo (yeasts) to make their sakes, and Strawberry is one of the most popular brews that they offer. It looks cool and drinks even cooler, and it has that special strawberry hints that would make Valentine’s night rock. 

Sake Dates – Valentine’s Day Is A Great Day For Love & Sake B
Exclusive to True Sake, this superb sake was our top selling sake this Holiday season. This brew was made for French food including big meats and game. Why not get rustic and have some venison with your dear! Miroku is the ultimate food pairing sake, and it is the perfect gateway drug for wine drinkers to come to the light side!


Hanahato “Kijoshu”: 

Valentine’s Day means chocolate right? Why give another dorky box of chocolates shaped like a heart when you could give something that gets right to the heart of the matter? This Kijoshu sake has been aged to achieve a feeling and flavor that pairs so well with – you guessed it – chocolate. Seriously? Yes, this brew is famous for not only being tasty, but for outplaying any red wine with chocolate. It is a winner, and you can be one too!


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