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Sake Events – Sake Day 2017 The 12th Annual #Throwback Event!

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Okay Okay! We've circled the date (Sept 30th) and beginning June 1st you will be able to buy your tickets at or at Eventbrite at sakedaysf.


We are getting very excited to rock your sake world again. This year’s theme is #throwback Sake Day, because we are returning to our roots at the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California in Japan Town. That’s right! We are headed back to our favorite gym to get physical with over 120 different sakes that are available for purchase in the US and many that are not yet available.


Sake Events May 2017 CHave you ever wanted to taste pure sake brewing water? You have? Good for you, because one of Sake Day’s favorite brewery owners – Masao Aisawa – from Takenotsuyu has donated 35 cases of his critically acclaimed sake brewing water from Yamagata Prefecture. Water that is so good he bottles and sells it across Japan. Now that is cool!


We are also playing with a whole new food line-up that will get back to sake’s #throwback roots of great sake alley fare. (We are tired of hearing about “street food” so we will call it Japanese alley food). Yes!


We'll alter the layout of the Cultural Center to allow more tasters, but we are not selling as many tickets as we did last year. So we highly recommend buying your tickets early at the lower “Early Bird” price.

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In this light, all proceeds of ticket sales for Sake Day go directly to the JCCCNC. Are we proud of this? You bet! Last year we raised $20,000 for the JCCCNC and we strive for a hefty donation this year with your help.


Sake Day 2017 – The 12 Annual #throwback Sake Day will be held Saturday September 30th at the JCCCNC in Japan Town San Francisco. Tickets will go on sale June 1st and don’t forget to book a hotel in Japan Town for you out of towners!

Let’s get Ready To Rock Sake!



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