February 2016

Sake Events – Sake Professional Course in Chicago March 28 - 30, 2016

 John Gauntner February 2016

The True Sake Newsletter is an effort to inform as many people about all things sake as possible. As such I always encourage anybody, restaurant, group etc to send us sake announcements and we will gladly post them. We are all in this together and that is something that my dear friend John Gauntner knows as he pinged me the following and I encourage you to do the same:


“Hi Beau, Thanks for your offer to send out the word about SPC in Chicago.”


Sake Professional Course in Chicago, March 28 - 30, 2016
From Monday, March 28 to Wednesday, March 30, John Gauntner will run the 23rd stateside Sake Professional Course, replete with Certified Sake Professional testing, on the second floor of the restaurant Sunda, in Chicago, Illinois. Open to anyone with an interest in sake, this course will provide the environment, for a focused, intense, and concerted training period. It will consist of classroom, sessions on all things sake-related, followed by relevant tasting sessions. “No sake stone remains left unturned” in this very thorough course.


Those interested can learn more here. Participation is limited and reservation can be made now to secure a seat. For reservations or inquiries, please send an email to sakeguy@gol.com


If you have an event or a function or even if you feel motivated enough to submit something about sake please use this forum! Our readership over a decade has increased to over 15,000 sake drinkers! Use us!


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