March 2015

Sake Facts – Amazing Sake Thanksgiving Knowledge And Challenge

Posted by Beau Timken in 2015, Newsletter, November, Sake Facts, Thanksgiving
Sake Season November 2015a

"Do you read your own work?" I get asked this a lot. First of all it’s not work! Get it? Okay – that was bad. Sorry! Let’s move past this! Do I read my own writings? Not really! But every once in a while I look back in the archives of the Newsletter “Blog” and I smile at some of my efforts! For example I looked back at this article that I wrote where, as a professional sommelier, it would have been easy to pair with the first “real” Thanksgiving dinner from a historical and gastroniomical perspective: Sake Tradition: How Sake Would Have Rocked the First Thanksgiving.


Next I went a little further back to when I had to beg (errrr!) “challenge” my readers to at least try sake on the Thanksgiving dinner table. I did this for years and years. In fact, I refer to years and years of challenges year after year! Ha! But it worked: Thanksgiving Challenge: Sake and Turkey


Then for those who wanted to try the real recommendations, we did a pretty solid Top Ten List of great tasting turkey pairing sakes: Top Ten Sakes That Are Word With the Bird.


The bottom line is that the Newsletter Archive is a great destination to go and do some snooping around. If you want to know anything technical about sake it’s in there. If you want to know anything anecdotal about sake it’s in there. And if you want to know anything experimental about sake it’s probably in there too! So grab a glass of sake and take a trip back in time and read how sake has made it’s western advances from our unique and amusing point of view. And don’t forget to have sake at your Thanksgiving dinner table!


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