July 2015

Sake Moments – Get Sake Together With Your Grill – No Excuses!

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Grilling July 2015a

I don’t do excuses well! Never have and never will. Sure I hear them all the time. “It’s just that the grill means beer and we always do beer and BBQ!” “Usually we break out the good wine when the grill comes out for parties.” “I don’t think people will get sake and the grill, why should they?” Or my all-time favorite which I hear the most – drum role please – “I totally forgot!” Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!


People! Good people lend me your ears and eyes and Bar-B-Q utensils. There is no more perfect libation for anything than can be grilled! Period. Albeit from the air, the sea, or the proverbial turf! A starch-based beverage works wonders, and hands down it makes your grape juice taste like Hi-C paired with a Pixy Stix. There I said it! Screw you wine! And hey YOU beer, I’m talking to you! How are you supposed to enjoy what is grilled if your belly is already expanded like a dodge ball. Bloated, belching, dodge ball-bellied guests get cranky. You and you’re grill don’t need that!

Grilling July 2015b


Most izakaya in Japan have grills. Some cool ones even bring out mini grills with some charcoal in a small stand with a grill mesh on top. Then they bring out seafood to grill. Beef to grill. Veggies to grill. And hey! Have you ever heard of “yakitori?” Well, that’s just cool talk for grilled chicken on a stick. But wait! Didn’t you just read what I wrote. Grilled seafood, beef, veggies, and chicken! Huh? Yes they grill these things and then they drink sake! Sake goes with the grill!


Here are a few lists that I have done over the years to get you to think rice, water, and grill!




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