August 2018

Sake Party – Sake Day 2018 Very Important UPDATE!

Posted by Beau Timken in 2018, Newsletter, Sake Day

I just saw you blow over this section! DON’T! If you at all interested in attending Sake Day 2018 you better buy your tickets today, because they are selling out and we haven’t even advertised yet! What does that tell you? It tells me that there are some smart and savvy sake drinkers out there who have come to Sake Day before and they know a good thing when they taste it!


This is not an exaggeration! It looks like we will have the most sake brewery owners attending this year’s Sake Day ever. To me that speaks volumes. And several of these owners are new to the US market! Say hello to some new and amazing sakes that you will get to taste before most westerners. For the past three years we have featured breweries that did not export to the US and now they do! They used Sake Day as their platform to determine if the US market is right for their products.

Sake Party – Sake Day 2018 Very Important UPDATE! A

Likewise we will have several returning sake heroes like Masao Aisawa of Yamagata’s Takenotsuyu, who will surely bring sakes that you have never had the pleasure of tasting as well as his recent Gold Medal winning Junmai Daiginjo from IWC’18 in Yamagata.


This year the festivities will take place at Hotel Kabuki in JapanTown in SF, and I cannot think of a better time to be in SF than in our Indian summer! If you have never attended a Sake Day and have read about it for all of these years then I say to you – what are you thinking? Order your tickets today at and then book your discounted room reservation at Hotel Kabuki and get your sake on Saturday September 29th!


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