December 2016

Stocking Stuffers – Mei Picks 5 Sake Stuffers For Ho Ho Ho!

Posted by Beau Timken in 2016, December, newsletter, Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffers December 2016 AHello everyone! Need advice on some last minute shopping for the Holidays? Here are some of my recommendations for stocking stuffers to help you out! Come quick, these guys fly off the shelf during the Holidays!


1) Ippongi Hannya 150ml/$11

A very unique plum sake. Great little treat for the ones who like sweet stuff. This little guy is sweet but packs a bit of spicy as well! Gift it! Your friends will thank you!


2) Kenbishi Honjozo "Black Pine" 180ml/$11
With the wet and cold Winter, this sake is great for heating up! Kenbishi Honjozo is my favorite warming sake. They've also designed this cute bottle to be convenient by making it microwavable for fast and easy heating. Remember to take the cap off!


3) Umenishiki Junmai Daiginjo "Gorgeous Plum" 130ml/$18
This is a very special sake packed in such cute sizing. This is our most premium sake that comes in a mini. The regular 720ml goes for $117! To be able to get that in a smaller size is amazing and talk about packaging! A must-have for the Holidays!


Stocking Stuffers December 2016 B


4) Kuroushi Junmai Ginjo "Black Bull" 180ml/$14
Any sake lover's drink in a cup! This cup is made exclusively for True Sake! You can only get this sizing at our store for a limited time! This cup is well balanced and goes well with food or by itself.


5) Genbei Honjozo "4 Eyed Devil" 180ml/$4
Talk about affordable! At this price you can buy one for every friend and family member you have! Not only that, experienced and new drinkers, can be appreciate the flavor of this sake.


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