KINPAKU SAKE - There's gold in them there sakes! December, 2004 So you haven't seen gold flakes in sake before? You haven't seen the snow-globes for adults know as "Celebration Sake?" Kinpaku is the Japanese word for gold leaf or pounded gold that is made to adorn Buddhist alters, clothing, artistic expressions, extremely expensive cuisine, and... Continue reading article ›
KIJOSHU SAKE - Hello Sweetie! December, 2004 Kijoshu sake is a bit of an anomaly in the sake world. In fact many have likened the result of this special brewing process to that of a sherry or a port. Quite simply instead of adding more water to the deliberate brewing stages the... Continue reading article ›
NEW YEAR'S EVE & NEW YEAR' DAY - "Don't pop that cork!" December, 2004 Sake is very much a part of New Year's Day celebrations. Historically sake was offered to the gods for good luck and good fortune, and this continues to this day. Families will include sake in their New Year's Day celebration for well-being and life appreciation.... Continue reading article ›
New Store Arrivals - "Ultra Dai Ginjos?" December, 2004 You already know what a Dai Ginjo is right? It is a sake that has been polished by at least 50% with at least 50% or each grain remaining. Well some breweries take this milling thing to the limit! Many of you have heard about... Continue reading article ›
Special Events December 2004 December, 2004 True Sake will not be holding a tasting event in December on account of the fact that we have been booked to the hilt for private functions. There will be a tasting in January, perhaps involving lightly warmed sakes (nurukan). If you are at all... Continue reading article ›
"Ask Beau" December 2004 December, 2004 Brian P from Denver, Colorado asks: "Can I serve my sake on the rocks?" Brian, it is a free country and sake is a free booze - well not really free! - so do whatever makes you feel good. If you like the taste then... Continue reading article ›
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