The Find – A 50 Year-Old Bottle of Sake December, 2005 Last Month I flew back to the Midwest to attend a 40th Birthday celebration for a cousin of mine. He was my best friend growing up and was my roommate freshmen year in college. Of course I came loaded with some excellent sake for the... Continue reading article ›
New Year's Day – The Historical Use of Sake December, 2005 What if I told you that all of your ills and bad lucks to come would go away if you offered somebody a cup of sake? What if I told you that you could make amends for all of your "transgressions" if you offered a... Continue reading article ›
Recapping Kani-Sake Night December, 2005 Many readers who cannot make certain True Sake tasting events always ask if I could offer a summary of the occasion. It would be my honor to do so for the most amazing crab pairing that I have ever been involved with. On November 16,... Continue reading article ›
Holiday 2005 Gift Giving Guide – The Perfect Gift! December, 2005 Okay relax. Take a deep breath and do not succumb to the pressure. Don't get your mango in a tango and just relax in your slacks! True Sake has you covered. From books on sake (sadly mine will not be released until March) to sake... Continue reading article ›
New Store Arrivals – Foxes and Shadows (Don't Forget The Harvest Moon) December, 2005 True Sake would like to welcome two new unusual sakes that are swell enough to make the grade. The first is an Usu-nigori (lightly unfiltered) from the brilliant makers of Mukune in Osaka, and the second is a plump Ginjo called Bride of the Fox... Continue reading article ›
Sake Spotlight – "Gassan" December, 2005 This month I want to take a look at a Junmai Ginjo that recently made its way into my sake realm. On average distributors and brewers present me with 10-15 new sakes per month, and I must determine if they would make my customers stand... Continue reading article ›
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