New Store Arrivals November 2005 November, 2005 Over the summer I went to a food trade show put on by a local distributor of Japanese food and sake. This second annual event had many more sake "stands" than the year before, and they actually had a flyer which stated "make money sell... Continue reading article ›
Sake Spotlight November 2005 November, 2005 In last month's Sake Spotlight we spoke with Kazuo Matsuura owner of Matsuura Shuzo Brewery in Tokushima Prefecture. He is the maker of the Narutotai Yamahai Junmai Ginjo Genshu. Because of time constraints I had to post the October Newsletter without getting his final thoughts... Continue reading article ›
Special Events November 2005 November, 2005 FREE SAKE - Medicine Restaurant In SF (Offer expires Nov. 14th. They have extended this offer for customers of True Sake and readers of the Newsletter.) Well, sort of free! If you have not yet been to Medicine (why not?) this offer should surely make you... Continue reading article ›
"Ask Beau" November 2005 November, 2005 Ken P from Cyberland writes: "Hello, I was wondering if you sake experts would be so kind as to recommend an entire dinner from appetizers to dessert that could be accompanied by good enough sake that would make my friends and I believe that sake... Continue reading article ›
The SECRET WORD November 2005 November, 2005 Ah, at last we have reached the end of this Newsletter and that of course means that we have come to the now-famous SECRET WORD. For those that are new the SECRET WORD is a chance for you to try a sake of note for... Continue reading article ›
True Sake Newsletter November 2005 November, 2005 Welcome to the fifteenth installment of America's sake-centric newsletter. Are you ready? Are you prepared for the holidays? Catch your breath and dig in, as this holiday season takes a rice and water twist. Chuck that Zin, toss that Cab, and fling that Chard this... Continue reading article ›

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