'Tis The Season To Give The Perfect Gift - 10 Sake Gifts To Cheer About December, 2006 We all need a slam-dunk in the game of life once in a while. We need that easy 8-letter word for "coastal property depletion." And of course we all could use that newly opened check-out counter when you are sixth in line and they point... Continue reading article ›
New Year's Eve - Go Sparkling Sake or Go Home! December, 2006 So you're a sake tough guy? A sake purist! One of those "you must be joking!" kind of guys when somebody offers you a glass of sparkling sake. Me too! But, and this is from the heart, sparkling sake is actually pretty darn good. It's... Continue reading article ›
Warming Dai Ginjo's? - You Must Be Mad! December, 2006 No, we're not mad! We are just freezing! I was going to write this segment for the January or February Newsletter, but this mass of freezing air over San Francisco has made for a change of tact. For the past 6 months Miwa (the store... Continue reading article ›
True Sake In The News - NY Post and Wine Enthusiast December, 2006 This month there are two quick little hits that I can link to as well as tell you that my book was written up in the NY Times for the Holiday Gift Guide (I couldn't find the link to this article). First there is a... Continue reading article ›
New Store Arrivals - The Fall-Released Namas and Bunraku X 3 December, 2006 Yes folks it is that time of year when the "Hiyaoroshi" sakes are starting to run out! Remember Hiyaoroshi means that they made this sake in the Spring this year, using last year's rice, pasteurize it once, and then let it "mature" throughout the summer... Continue reading article ›
"Ask Beau" December 2006 December, 2006 Man this email hurt in a certain kind of way, but where there is pain, there is truth. And I enjoy both the pain and the truth of this "Ask Beau" question from Brian in Berkeley who wrote: "I was in the store the other... Continue reading article ›
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