True Sake Holidays - The True Gift Packs! December, 2007 Each and every day somebody will ask why I opened True Sake? And each day I reply, "Because I needed a place to buy good sake!" But there was more to it than that. I mean opening a dedicated sake store is a pretty risky... Continue reading article ›
Sake Spotlight - New Year's Day And Sake "Otoso" December, 2007 What if I told you that all of your ills and bad lucks to come would go away if you offered somebody a cup of sake? What if I told you that you could make amends for all of your "transgressions" if you offered a... Continue reading article ›
Sake Moment - Purposely Abusing Sake December, 2007 Recalling past Newsletter issues it is obvious that I like to abuse sake. No not heavy drinking! No not sake bongs or sake body shots (not yet at least), rather putting sake under duress to see what happens. We continually create experiments to see how well sake... Continue reading article ›
Sake Bummer - Oil Slick Blues December, 2007 Add oil spills to the list of natural and un-natural occurrences that have adverse effects on the sake industry. Forget Typhoons and early frosts - forget rice eating insect invasions or excessively hot summers. In November a loser of a shipping captain took a chance... Continue reading article ›
True Sake Quick Hit - Kiji Restaurant December, 2007 I snuck into Kiji (http://www.kijirestaurant.com) - a small sushi restaurant on Guerrero - for a quick meal and a glass or two. With roughly 20 sakes on the menu they have a good selection from Gokyo Junmai to several Honjozo offerings. They also do a daily sake... Continue reading article ›
True Sake In The News - NY Times, US Airways Magazine, Sunset Magazine, Imbibe December, 2007 In the NY Times Sunday Magazine there was a small section about Hayes Valley and True Sake! There is a nice piece in the US Airways Magazinethat interviews John Gauntner and a sommelier in Las Vegas with a brief mention of True Sake. In the December issue of... Continue reading article ›
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