True Sake In The News - Dancyu Magazine (January 2010) December, 2009 Basically this is one of my favorite reads of all magazines and I was pretty honored when they asked to interview me in Fukushima at the legendary Daishichi Brewery. They also sent a reporter to cover our SakeDay event and that was written up as... Continue reading article ›
Sake Xmas - The Keiko Christmas Guide December, 2009 It's been a year since our latest sake elf joined the True Sake team. Keiko reminded me of that last week and I decided to test what she had learned in a year of intensive sake training. Rather than have her do a ten brew... Continue reading article ›
Sake Xmas II - Rocking Stocking Stuffers December, 2009 The holidays mean the "guilt game" for many! Get a gift - get another gift - get a present - receive another present! You must give back! If your wallet is an issue then take a look at these great stocking stuffers all under $20... Continue reading article ›
Sake Pairings - "Tease Your Cheese" Pairing Cheese and Sakes! December, 2009 Whaaaaaaat? Huh? (They look at me with their mouth screwed up like they just sucked on a lemon - their eyes squinting in disbelief - the dangling sound of air leaving their "huh?" In a word they look at me like I was from Mars... Continue reading article ›
Sake Events - Sake Brewery Tours December, 2009 Over the years I have been asked countless times "How can I visit sake breweries?" and for years I said that if you are lucky then there is a remote chance that a brewery will open their doors to "outsiders." But I also said, "don't... Continue reading article ›
Sake Socks - BT Designs Socks for Sake World December, 2009 A very good friend of mine (Sven Wiederholt), who is one of the most creative "dudes" in the creative world, and also one hell of a photographer (he slums it and helps us shoot our bottles for the website) asked me to design a sock... Continue reading article ›
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