Sake Season - Ten Sake Gifts For The Holidays December, 2010 'Tis The Season To Give The Perfect Gift - 10 Sake Gifts To Cheer About Are you stressed? Who isn't? Do you have time to "gift?" Do you have the desire to hit the streets, to push through the crowds, to feed the meter, to... Continue reading article ›
Sake Poem - "A Sake Barrel" and Taru Sake December, 2010 A Sake Barrel A sake barrel, Born without hands, makes merry - Cherry blossom time. Ihara Saikaku (1642 - 1693 / Japan) Granted this poem was written with spring in mind, but I liked the "makes merry" aspect, especially for the holidays. I am assuming... Continue reading article ›
Sake Challenge - Sake vs. Cuban (Pan Latin) December, 2010 I am on a spiritual sake quest that will finally put a nail in the coffin of "sake can only be consumed at a sushi restaurant" mantra. Wake up people! Food and sake go together - always have and always will. If it has a... Continue reading article ›
Sake & Miwa - In the Sprit of Reflection December, 2010 As the year-end approaches I find myself reflecting on the many things that have happened to me in this last year, both wonderful and bittersweet. In the spring, I was fortunate enough to be invited to Kanazawa to visit a farm where they grew rice... Continue reading article ›
Ask Beau - "Did you live up to your 2010 New Years Sake Resolutions?" December, 2010 Ha! You people are good! And I guess you do read the Newsletter. Last year I made up some pretty serious Sake Resolutions, and I received a lot of feedback, especially from my peers within the industry. It resonated with many, and I never really... Continue reading article ›
The SECRET WORD December 2010 December, 2010 Ah, at last we have reached the end of this Newsletter and that of course means that we have come to the now-famous SECRET WORD. To those who are new the SECRET WORD is a chance for you to try a sake of note for... Continue reading article ›
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