Sake Marketing - A Retraction In The Making! December, 2011 In the November Issue of the True Sake Newsletter I wrote a tongue and cheek piece about the sake world needing a face - a public persona - a mascot if you will that would appeal to all and represent the sake industry as a... Continue reading article ›
Sake Sensei - You Are About To Enter The "Beau-Zone Layer" December, 2011 Well "sensei" might be a bit much! I get embarrassed when people call me that, especially owners of sake breweries who introduce me as such. Sake "Sucker" might be more appropriate! In any case, this "Sake Sucker" cannot always be at True Sake much to... Continue reading article ›
Sake Images - Photos From The Soul Of Sake December 2011 December, 2011 Please be a part of our "Sake Images" section by contributing your very select sake related photographs. I'm not looking for a batch of your pictures, rather I'd like to see one or two really powerful shots that could be in a brewery or at... Continue reading article ›
Sake & Miwa - Top 10 Sake of 2011 December, 2011 The other day I was reminded that I had not written my piece for the newsletter for months. Well, my mind and body were preoccupied while I battled with an illness for most of the year. Although I had less days, weeks, and months to... Continue reading article ›
Sake Events - Shirataki Jozen Sake Tasting December, 2011 December 9th - Shirataki Jozen "Triple Taster" FREE! Come in and taste 3 different kinds of Shirataki Jozen Mizunogotoshi Pink! White! & Aqua! WHEN: Friday 12/9, 5-7pm WHERE: 560 Hayes Street WHAT: Shirataki Jozen Mizunogotoshi Junmai Ginjo "Pink" & "White" and the new Junmai "Aqua"... Continue reading article ›
Sake Excursions - Sake Tours 2012 December, 2011 Have you ever wanted to visit as sake brewery without setting up the whole trip? Just received this info from our friend Jennifer Hale Ockner, who organizes these amazing excursions into the heart of sake country when the breweries are cranking and the weather is... Continue reading article ›

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