True Sake Newsletter December 2013 December, 2013 Dear Sake Lover, Welcome to the 112th Issue of America’s sake-centric Newsletter. In this issue catch up on a quick year-in-review, take a gander at some affordable stocking stuffers for Secret Santa, enjoy the first ever Naughty and Nice TOP TEN sake list, ponder serving... Continue reading article ›
Sake Summary – A Very Eventful Year For True Sake December, 2013 It’s been quite a year for True Sake. So before we go on the Holiday Blitz I’d like to take a moment to think back to what has transpired in the past 12 months. First and foremost the store known as True Sake celebrated its... Continue reading article ›
Secret Santa – Several Stocking Stuffers For The Season December, 2013 Okay you rascally little elves! It’s that time of the year to get some little presents for those office parties or for those people that you don’t really feel the need to spend a great deal on – did I just type that? I call... Continue reading article ›
Sake List – The Naughty & The Nice TOP TEN December, 2013 We know the “List” and we know it well. Have you ever been on the “other” side – the “Naughty” side? Did you get coal? Were you locked in your room with stale bread and dirty water? (You were? Oh my gosh I am so... Continue reading article ›
Sparkling Sake – New Year’s Eve and You! December, 2013 Here are ten reasons why you should have sparkling sake on New Year’s Eve this December 31st: 10) Sparkling wines and Champagne give you the worst headache on January 1st. Why start the year with a humdinger? 09) Sparkling sake only comes in 300ml bottles... Continue reading article ›
Sake Deliveries – True Sake Mobile December, 2013 True Sake now delivers! Did you hear that? We deliver! Why drive in traffic? Why risk road rage? Why get that dirty look from the guy on the bike in the bike lane? Why look for parking? Why get that parking ticket? Why get out... Continue reading article ›
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