New Store Arrivals – A New Can With Hope and A Seashore With Pride December, 2014 Suisen Kibo "Hope"From Iwate PrefectureJunmaiSMV: +2 Acidity: 1.6$7/180ml Can Another tasty can for the holidays! How cute is this can of hope? Smooth, round and extremely drinkable. Isojiman "Seashore Pride"From Shizuoka PrefectureJunmai GinjoSMV: +5 Acidity: 1.5$51/720ml Back in the store after a long absence! This... Continue reading article ›
“Ask Beau” – “Do you drink champagne for New Years Eve?” December, 2014 So headaches aside, sparkling sake is actually very tasty and we have all types from dry and crisp to fat and chewy with big bubbles. The flavor profiles can vary so much and they are all refreshing and bright. And if you use a sparkling... Continue reading article ›
November 2014 - Rice Meet Bird November, 2014 Dear True Sake Reader,   Welcome to the 123rd Issue of America’s sake-centric Newsletter. In this “thankful” issue read how a modern day sake sommelier would pair sakes with the actual “real” menu of the first Thanksgiving dinner, learn how you can get your hands... Continue reading article ›
Sake Traditions – How Sake Would Have Rocked The First Thanksgiving November, 2014 The great thing about historians is that everybody has a different view about how and why things occurred. I love reading conflicting accounts of how things actually went down. And a great case in point is the quote unquote first Thanksgiving dinner in 1621 sometime... Continue reading article ›
Sake Exclusive – The Wine and Sake Crossover! November, 2014 There is a large movement in the sake world to create and brew sakes to share more wine-like qualities. High acidity, big presence, fruit forward, light pasteurization are all ways to make a brew drink more in the wine silo. Some breweries are actually using... Continue reading article ›
Sake Contest: True Sake Instagram Contest November, 2014 Sake Contest: True Sake Instagram Contest Welcome to my world! As many of your know I have had a wonderful time over the years with my window displays. I love making fun statements about life and sake mixed together, and each and every window display... Continue reading article ›

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