True Sake Newsletter April 2005 April, 2005 Welcome to the eighth installment of America's sake-centric newsletter. Well this may come as a shock but I wanted to inform all of my readers and customers of True Sake that as of the end of April we will no longer sell sake, rather we... Continue reading article ›
Aging Sake – Hey I Found a Bottle of Sake in My Closet – Is it Still Good? April, 2005 As we all know, sake is a perishable product that is pasteurized and does not use the long lasting aging agents such as sulfites found in wine. Wine of course wins the battle of being able to lay bottles down for years and years, but... Continue reading article ›
T.P.O – Why Sake Tastes Great Sometimes and Not So Great at Other Times April, 2005 There is an old industry slogan about Time, Place, and Occasion, and it has to do with how you feel whilst drinking sake. It's hard to appreciate anything when you are in a bad mood. Of course there is the metaphysics involved revolving around the... Continue reading article ›
New Store Arrivals – Hello Organic Sake! April, 2005 True Sake used to carry a designated "organic" sake, but the importers decided to stop representing it. Then I recently discovered that one of my favorite sakes in the store uses organic rice in its production (thank you Miwa). So I decided to scour the... Continue reading article ›
Special Events April 2005 April, 2005 There is not much going on in April. True Sake's next tasting event will be larger in focus and will take place in May. We are going to select a Japanese restaurant to do a food pairing sake tasting of note. The restaurant tastings are... Continue reading article ›
The SECRET WORD April 2005 April, 2005 Hey which one of you shared the secret? I must tell you that the SECRET WORD has become HUGE. But that is understandable because of the fact that a secret is defined as: something that you tell one person at a time. This breeds a... Continue reading article ›

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