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“Ask Beau” – “What did the 1% milled sake taste like?” November, 2017 So this question came from our Instagram account and I don’t know the person’s name, but I liked the question and I never in a million years thought that I would answer something like this.   In Yamagata Prefecture there is a brewery called Tatenokawa,... Continue reading article ›
“Ask Beau” – “Who was that person at Sake Day?” October, 2017 Yes! I wasn’t really shy about it. In fact, I was proud as hell. The True Sake Team had a new member - my oldest daughter Riley - at Sake Day. She worked taking your orders for sake deliveries. She also worked at the Welcome... Continue reading article ›
“Ask Beau” – “What are some of your favorite Sake Day memories?” September, 2017 I love Sake Day after Sake Day! I know that sounds weird, but I am working so much to make a good event for the guests that I rarely get to enjoy the event. I certainly like pouring the welcome sake. That is always a... Continue reading article ›
Lucky 13 August, 2017 Welcome to the 156th Issue of America’s sake-centric Newsletter. In this 13th year’s anniversary of the True Sake Newsletter, we say take a look at alcohol vs. acidity when tasting sake, read about a new “popularity” push in the sake market, get one of the... Continue reading article ›
“Ask Beau” – “You’ve produced so much sake content over the years, what do you intend to do with it?” August, 2017 This is a great question! Okay! I’ll admit it! Nobody asked me this question. But it is a damn good question, so thanks for asking! This month’s issue of the True Sake Newsletter is the 156th production. 156 ÷ 12 = 13 years of stupendously... Continue reading article ›
July Flying By July, 2017 Welcome to the 155th Issue of America’s sake-centric Newsletter. In the middle of this summer issue, learn why True Sake hit a bump in the road and who truly navigated us through it, play around with Sake 101 take home kits that are great for... Continue reading article ›
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