February 2016

Sake Day – Save This Date For A SF Sake Weekend! February, 2016 First and foremost – get your pencil out! Now get your calendar out! Now circle Saturday October 1st! Make a bigger circle to include Friday and Sunday as well! Why? Because we are planning Sake Day ’16 to be a “San Francisco Sake Weekend.” That’s... Continue reading article ›
True CUpdate – Moving Along! February, 2016 Some of the highlights thus far:So are you excited for True Sake’s first sake bar? Sure you are! And we are excited too! After a little bumpy start that saw the wonderful SF Building Department rear it’s ugly head we are moving right along with... Continue reading article ›
True Sake – The First Real Sake Summit February, 2016 True Sake – The First Real Sake Summit I sort of chuckle every time I hear about some importer or distributor having a “Sake Summit, because I tried to organize a real sake summit 13 years ago for all the players in the sake industry.... Continue reading article ›
Sake Love – Shin-san Lists His Favorite February “Love Potion” Sakes February, 2016 It brings me great pleasure when members of the True Sake team get into the spirit of the newsletter and write some really fun reviews about sakes that speak to them.   It is a team effort here at True Sake and our very own... Continue reading article ›
True Tastings February, 2016 Meet the Gifu Prefecture Brewers - Free Tasting February 25th! Event: Sake Tasting at DG717Place:DG717, 717 Market Street, San Francisco, CA Time: 6:30pm to 8:00pmCost: Free, free, free!   Here are some of the great breweries from Japan that will be pouring: Shoutoku Shuzo Kitaya Sasaiwai... Continue reading article ›
Sake Events – Sake Professional Course in Chicago March 28 - 30, 2016 February, 2016 The True Sake Newsletter is an effort to inform as many people about all things sake as possible. As such I always encourage anybody, restaurant, group etc to send us sake announcements and we will gladly post them. We are all in this together and... Continue reading article ›

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