Sake Truths – You Booze You Lose? Not Always! August, 2017 Newsflash! Sake is alcohol. Wait, Wha? Of course sake is alcohol, so what’s the big deal? In a word, what is alcohol in regards to tasting sake? Oh wow! Now I’m lost. Okay, Okay let me break this down. Pull up a chair and behold... Continue reading article ›
Top Ten List – Top Ten Genshu Sakes For The Drought! May, 2015 Drought Drought Drought!!! This Top 10 List is our best efforts to conserve water at True Sake and in California as a whole. Here are 10 sakes that have no added water – undiluted or “Genshu” sake. Typically after fermentation the brewers will add water... Continue reading article ›

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