THE TSUNAMI OF 2004 - True Sake Offers a "Toast To Life" January, 2005 Without getting too deep into the story that we all know, we at True Sake were looking for a way to offer a little to help to the millions of suffering victims in Asia. So it is with great feeling that True Sake will be... Continue reading article ›
BEAU'S BOOK ON SAKE - Deadline and I am Still Alive! January, 2005 As most of you know for the past year I have been penning a book for Chronicle Books. On what? Well, wine of course! Just kidding. My book is on a libation called Sake and I look at this amazing beverage from the American perspective.... Continue reading article ›
HIRE-ZAKE (HIRE-SAKE) - There's A What In My Sake? January, 2005 I am a sake purist at heart - always have been! That said, and please don't tell my sake gurus, I am a sucker for fugu! Fu-who? Fugu. Commonly referred to as blowfish. Yes, the same fish that if prepared incorrectly will kill you. (There... Continue reading article ›
BREWING SAKE IN WINTER - Is It Cold Where You Are Right Now? January, 2005 It is a plain fact; historically sake brewing took place in the winter only. Of course today they brew year-round with all sorts of new fangled refrigeration and cooler systems, but back in the day Old Man Winter made sake his way and his way... Continue reading article ›
New Store Arrivals January 2005 January, 2005 Tamanohikari Yamahai Junmai Ginjo - This is a full-bodied arrival from the Kyoto/Fushimi area and is a great value ginjo at $20/bottle. As part of your learning process it is important to try a Yamahai or Kimoto old-method sake at least once. This particular robust... Continue reading article ›
Special Events January 2005 January, 2005 I have not been told of many happenings in the Bay Area as per tastings in January. We will update our calendar on our website if we hear of anything. www.truesake.com February 9th - True Sake Tasting: "Hello Sweetie!" In honor of V-day and the... Continue reading article ›

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