New Store Arrivals January 2005 January, 2005 Tamanohikari Yamahai Junmai Ginjo - This is a full-bodied arrival from the Kyoto/Fushimi area and is a great value ginjo at $20/bottle. As part of your learning process it is important to try a Yamahai or Kimoto old-method sake at least once. This particular robust... Continue reading article ›
Special Events January 2005 January, 2005 I have not been told of many happenings in the Bay Area as per tastings in January. We will update our calendar on our website if we hear of anything. www.truesake.com February 9th - True Sake Tasting: "Hello Sweetie!" In honor of V-day and the... Continue reading article ›
"Ask Beau" January 2005 January, 2005 Glen in Riverside, California asks: "What's up with flavored sakes and where can I get some?" In hell Glen, that's where you can get them! Just joshing. Flavored sakes are just that sakes that have been infused with different fruit flavors. I cannot speak for... Continue reading article ›
The SECRET WORD January 2005 January, 2005 Man oh man has the Secret Word become popular. We had 94 takers last month for "Chopsticks." This massive increase led to shortages, and for that we are sorry. We did however always have one of the two in stock. As always one bottle of... Continue reading article ›
WANTED: We Need a Flash Web Master January, 2005 True Sake is looking for a temporary Flash web master who would like to talk trade! We need somebody who can update the calendar, add new images of sakes, start an archive for these bogus newsletters etc. Please email us at info@truesake.com if you are... Continue reading article ›
True Sake Newsletter January 2005 January, 2005 Welcome to the fifth installment of America's sake-centric newsletter. Just a quick thank you to all those who helped make True Sake's December the best sales month to date. I think more and more people are discovering what you already know, that sake is a... Continue reading article ›
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