Special Events July 2005 July, 2005 July 19 ? "Day of the Dai Ginjos"  This sake tasting will feature 6 amazing sakes that represent the best of the best of what breweries have to offer. Dai Ginjos are the pinnacle of a brewery's abilities and these sakes will remind all that... Continue reading article ›
Sake Vibes July, 2005 I was approached by several readers of the Newsletter to share more sake brewery websites so what follows is a list of some fun and crazy sake websites. Some are in English, but I prefer the Japanese-side of these bi-lingual sites. Enjoy!   The Hakutsuru Brewery in... Continue reading article ›
"Ask Beau" July 2005 July, 2005 I recently received an email from Tim G from Oakland, California who asked "Why don't you sell American-made sakes in your store?" Firstly Tim the "store rule" to not carry domestic sakes is purely a reaction to the fact that you can buy most American-made... Continue reading article ›
The SECRET WORD July 2005 July, 2005 Man I am so pleased with myself! Last month I decided to imbed the SECRET WORD within the text of the Newsletter to keep the "scrollers" from scrolling down just to get the word without reading my glorious durge! At least 20 people came to... Continue reading article ›
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