True Stories – Second Generation Sake Sellers And Their First Brewery Tour July, 2016 Last month I took my daughters to Japan for their first trip to the wonderful and unique nation. Why was this trip so long in the making? Well it’s actually my fault. Can you believe it? Yup! For years they've been begging me to take... Continue reading article ›
Sake Reviews – Shin and KJ Tell You What Should Be In Your Cup And Why July, 2016 We are slowly expanding and updating the True Sake website. One new addition comes from Shin and KJ, who had added their recommendations to the sidebar on the left that mentions what Team True Sake recommends. Give them a read. Give them a try. Both... Continue reading article ›
Sake Anniversary – True Sake Is Turning Lucky 13! Come Get A Surprise On The 6th! July, 2016 Okay Okay! So the real anniversary is August 7th! But if you come to True Sake on August 6th and whisper “Happy Anniversary” and give us a thumbs up then we will give you a special gift from us to you for being an awesome... Continue reading article ›
Top Ten - Ten “Smuggleable” Sakes For Concerts and Camping July, 2016 Packaging isn’t everything; it’s the only thing, especially in the sake world, where lots of folks actually buy sake by its shelf appearance. No kidding! So packaging does matter in a retail setting, but it also is important in another totally shhhh! (Sneaky) context. In... Continue reading article ›
Sake Day 2016 – Cool Things Coming This October 1st! July, 2016 First and foremost don’t forget to get your “Early Bird” tickets. We’ve sent our customary email blast to make sure that you take advantage of this savings - and because we are limiting Early Bird tickets this year they will sell out! We won’t bother... Continue reading article ›
Sake Events - Sequoia Sake and Floating World Tastings July, 2016 August will be a good month to taste some very fresh locally made sakes (Sequoia) and some new never been tasted imported sakes from Floating World. Meet the maker and the importer and get a discount on each brew of theirs that you choose to... Continue reading article ›

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