May 2016 - May (be) Late May, 2016 Welcome to the 141st Issue of America’s sake-centric Newsletter. In this end of the month issue read about the amazing tenth anniversary of the International Wine Challenge sake competition in Japan that was heavily televised, check out a sake destination in Osaka that “gets” sake,... Continue reading article ›
Sake Competitions –
The Tenth Anniversary of Sake at The IWC May, 2016
Wow! I cannot believe that it’s been ten years since the International Wine Challenge took on sake! And I can’t believe that I have been at the forefront of this amazing competition that has grown in size and scope. In a word, I am super... Continue reading article ›
The Beau-Zone Layer –
Kenbishi “Kuromatsu” “Black Pine”
From Hyogo Prefecture. Honjozo. +/- .05 Acidity: 1.5 May, 2016
Okay! So I just went to this super secretive brewery in Kobe in May. (Read about my experience in the True Sake Newsletter – you do read the newsletter right?) So I now have a brand new “true respect” for Kenbishi! Talk about a wow... Continue reading article ›
Sake Spots – Places That “Get” Sake and Don’t Have SAS! May, 2016 Yes, I was totally envious. Sitting there peacefully but totally green with envy! In fact it's a new type of envy – you may never have heard of it! It’s “Fridge Envy.” No not the fridge itself! Ha! But rather what the fridge held within.... Continue reading article ›
Sake Bucket List – BT Visited The Mysterious Kenbishi Brewery May, 2016 There are certain things that I would like to "do" within the sake industry - certain people I'd like to meet - certain sakes that I'd like to taste - and certain breweries that I'd like to visit before I die.   On my recent... Continue reading article ›
Top 10 List – Ten IWC Medal Winning Sakes and Breweries! May, 2016 Having just returned from judging the sake side of the International Wine Challenge in Kobe, Japan, which was the Tenth Anniversary for the sake component, I have complied a Top Ten List of Gold Medal, Medal, and Trophy Winning sakes that we carry at True... Continue reading article ›
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