New Store Arrivals - More and More Namas May, 2018 We’ve been ringing the nama bell like crazy this spring at True Sake. Each month, we see more and more raw offerings and nobody is complaining. With this is mind, please say hello to four more unpasteurized brews that are all fantastic. It’s hard to... Continue reading article ›
Sake Season – It’s Nama Time! March, 2018 I know I know! I shouldn’t get all whipped up for unpasteurized sakes, but I cannot help myself. Nama sake is a segment in the sake industry that I cherish, and have worked a great deal at promoting and advancing the “cause.” Why? Because A)... Continue reading article ›
Sake Archives – KJ Mines The Archives For “Amazing” Articles March, 2018 It's that time of year! My favorite time when the first glorious namazakes make their debut for the Spring season. There is nothing better than tasting through our selection and comparing the bottles to their counterparts of years past. Our namas are showing better than... Continue reading article ›
New Store Arrivals – It’s Spring Nama Season – Need We Say More? February, 2018 Nama here, nama there, namas almost everywhere! Folks the fridges are loaded with freshly released spring-unpasteurized sakes that capture the heart and the start of a brewery’s yearly offerings. These brews are for the true sake drinkers who love it raw. Typically, you get to... Continue reading article ›
New Store Arrivals – The Summer Namas Are Here For Real! July, 2017 A second wonderful set of summer namas has arrived and we are very stoked! They all are drinking great, or as Shin would say "They are showing well!" The Gokyo is new! The Denshin is a nama Daiginjo and you don't see a lot of... Continue reading article ›
New Store Arrival – The Last Of Fall Draft “Hiyaoroshi” Sakes March, 2015 Kikusui "Hiyaoroshi '15" From Niigata Prefecture.Junmai Ginjo HiyaoroshiSMV: +2 Acidity: 1.4   This seasonally released single pasteurized "draft" sake has a very gentle nose filled with mineral water, steamed rice, maple syrup and rice krispy aromas. Say hello to a great "introduction" to Hiyaoroshi-style sake! We... Continue reading article ›

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