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New Store Arrivals – Denshin 1st Class, Urakasumi JDG, Ozeki Judan Jikomi June, 2017 Hey! Three fun new arrivals grace the shelves this month. But you are right, all three have been at True Sake in the past. Do you remember? Probably not, because it’s been a while! The Denshin 1st Class is a single release offering each year... Continue reading article ›
New Store Arrivals – Tsukinokatsura, Kubota, & Esshu May, 2017 Well folks! Two of these brews are returns, as in we have carried them before, but they are back in the line-up. And the 3rd is totally new to the store.  We didn't mention several other sakes that are back in the mix, so pop... Continue reading article ›
Flower Power! April, 2017 Welcome to the 152nd Issue of America’s sake-centric Newsletter. In this blossoming issue, get your big pencil out and circle your calendar for Sake Day 2017, learn what is as inevitable as death and taxes, get your poetry on, read some past April Fool’s pranks... Continue reading article ›
New Store Arrival – 1st Flight of the Spring Namas! As Fresh As It Gets! February, 2017 Herewith is the first flight of sakes from Japan that can be considered “made this year.” They are as fresh as we can get from Japan, and they should not be missed! If you are into the raw and vivid nama experience, each of these... Continue reading article ›
New Store Arrival – Takenotsuyu Nama and Denshin Nama January, 2017 Takenotsuyu Hakurosuishu “Moon’s Mountain Dew”From Yamagata Prefecture. Junmai Ginjo Nama Genshu.SMV: +1 Acidity: 1.4 $45/720mlThe nose on this newly released nama is filled with cherry, pear, and candy aromas. We love this brewery so much, and it’s great to finally get their first unpasteurized brew... Continue reading article ›
New Store Arrivals – 2nd Wave Of Hiyaoroshi Fall Draft Sakes And A New Jozen November, 2016 Jozen Hiyaoroshi ’16 From Niigata Prefecture. Fall Draft Junmai Ginjo. SMV: +/- 0 Acidity: NA The nose on this seasonally released single-pasteurized sake is a great collection of blackberry, steamed rice, and apricot aromas. Talk about a supremely smooth Hiyoaroshi sake that drinks rich but clean... Continue reading article ›
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