October 2017

Boo-Yah! October, 2017 Welcome to the 158th Issue of America’s sake-centric Newsletter. In this super scary Halloween inspired issue, come face to face with your worst sake nightmares, check out all of the sake titles and certifications of Team True Sake, read about the tremendously successful Sake Day... Continue reading article ›
Scary Sake – October 31st Is The Day To Face Your Sake Fears October, 2017 Let’s face it! You are a Sake Scaredy-Cat. Oh sure, you try to come off as never fearing sake, but deep down you ARE terrified of certain brews. Right? Okay! Cool. Try to play it off! I get it. You’re not scared of sake. Sure!... Continue reading article ›
Sake Sommeliers – Mei and KJ Rule The Sake Education Universe October, 2017 For over a decade, the war cry for the sake world has been “We need more sake education.” Slowly, but surely it has been happening in many ways, shapes, and forms. There is education out there in them there hills! Finally, we in the business... Continue reading article ›
Sake Success – Summary of Sake Day 2017 October, 2017 What a blast! If you went you know it and if you didn’t make it, it’s a “must” next year! In a word Sake Day is awesome. Awesome sake, awesome people, awesome exploration, awesome laughs, and awesome sake enlightenment. This year Sake Day went off... Continue reading article ›
Sake Karma – A Last Second Invite Turns Into a Long Term Relationship October, 2017 On occasion we get random (but very friendly) folks who come into the store with bottles of sake made by “their friends” in Japan, and present them to us for our drinking pleasure. How cool is that? I think it’s awesome, because the gift of... Continue reading article ›
Sake Archives – KJ Mines The Archives For “Amazing” Articles October, 2017 Greetings Sake Friends,   Muah ha ha... it's that time again...   This month I have been shuddering with fear over writing this article. How does rummaging through 14 years of horrifying sake articles sound to you? On top of it, I was looking especially... Continue reading article ›

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